Mauricio Borgarello is a professional dancer who grew up in the tango culture in Montevideo, Uruguay. After his tango debut in 1999, he followed a professional training with the best teachers of Montevideo and Buenos Aires (among others Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frigoli, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, Mauricio Castro, Claudio Gonzales and Melina Brufman, Matias Facio and Kara Wenham, etc.). In 2012, he was hired by the association "Tango Nuevo" to teach in Switzerland. Based in Geneva, Mauricio is now known throughout French-speaking Switzerland for his work as a tango teacher, DJ, and Maestro guest at international tango festivals, such as the 2018 Snow Tango (La Plagne, France), Sun Tango 2018 (Arcachon, France), FITA 2017 (Cadiz, Spain), etc.
Marianne has a background in classical dance and carnival samba. Marianne began to dance Argentine tango intensively in 2009. She has played in musicals such as the West Side Story in Maputo, Mozambique, where she also held her own dance school for 3 years and numerous appearances on television. Marianne currently lives in Geneva where she works with Mauricio Borgarello.