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Tango is a dance that is at the same time sensual, elegant and majestic. The spectator is delighted by the performance where the fast and fiery steps mix with the lightness and voluptuousness that characterize this dance. We offer a quality authentic Argentine tango show with over 20 years of experience in this field.


A thousand emotions can be danced through the repertoire of tango. Its African roots can be recognized in the rhythms of the Milonga and in the old tangos of the 1920s. One can admire the elegance of the 1940s in the tangos of the Golden Age, or appreciate the complexity and the movement energy to the music of the electronic tango of the 2000s.

We build our show on what you wish to convey to your guests - we adapt our performance (selection of music, types of dance) to the themes and characteristics of your occasion.

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